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My new laic crib, the fiteenth of the series, this year is dedicated to rock music. In december 2012 a photogallery in  Turin has documented thiis work with a rich choices of pictures. Going back to 1999.  The subjects, which often have a clear social and political intention, change from year to year. Christmas 2010 was dedicated to  the garbage in Naples, 2011 to the great economical world crisis and 2012 to the end of the world. This year the theme is less pessimistic


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On the december issue of “Foto cult” (tecnical culture of photography) four pages with an interview by Elena Ovecina and a serie of exemples of my way of working.



This image, shot in Naples in 1999, has inspired  the picture I recently realised for the  jeweller Gerardo Sacco. His campaign is actually running on various weekly  magazines  and also in form of decoration of public busses in a town of southern Italy.


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On the novembre issue (n. 11) of “Foto notiziario” a monthly dedicated to traditional and digital photography, seven pages on my professional history with significant images of my portfolio. Written by Astrid Biancabemori.



Text and pictures published by L’APERITIVO ILLUSTRATO fall 2013, an international magazine of arts and culture published quarterly,under the title PORTFOLIO, cover and 12 full pages dedicated to a selection of my pictures dominated by the colour red.


The Red Sheep: a life against the tide DOC from Sara Tirelli.

The documentary is about the most significant stages of her private life, always strongly linked to the political and cultural history of Italy. Her photographs and her stories are there to witness her personal vision of the world, from the role of women in a male-dominated society to the ironic criticism that has characterized every single choice of her. Private and public visual documents that over the years have built an archive of life all to be discovered. A warm and subtle portrait of a singular attitude towards the world.

The documentary is in pre production stage and will be premiered in spring 2014.



A new quest was initiated and developed in subsequent years from these little icons of Filicudi saints, in many ways still traditional and relatively simple, leading to much more complex, problematic works: the current secular ICONS, dedicated to figures in some way symbolic at present.

La Fenice Gallery, Corte del Tagliapietra 1948, San Marco, 30124 Venice
09/06/13 – 28/07/13